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“We Do House Teardowns, Call Today!”

MWD offers roll-off containers, or open top containers to support our clients’ construction, remodeling and renovation projects. These containers are ideal for temporary use during household clean up or construction projects. We can also provide labor for cleanouts and demolition. 

Our roll-off containers come in 4 different sizes:

  • 10 yard – 12’ x 7’ x 3.5’
  • 20 yard – 15’ x 7’ x 6’
  • 30 yard – 22’ x 7’ x 6’
  • 50 yard – 24’ x 7’ x 8.5’


How much notice do we need for delivery of a roll-off container?

We ask for 24 hours notice. 

How long can I keep the roll-off container?

You may keep a roll-off container for as long as you please.  However, at a certain point, there will be a rental fee. Containers are only removed after the customer has contacted our office to inform us they are finished with it.

Do you provide roll-off service in other counties?

We have established rates for our Roll-Off containers for towns in Washington, Hancock, and Penobscot Counties.

Is there anything I can't put in a roll-off container?

Yes. If the intention is to co-mingle waste within the container, due to regulations, there are restrictions on certain materials. These include food waste of any kind, hazardous materials, and liquids (grease, oils, paint, etc). Please contact our office to inquire about the specific material(s) you wish to place in the roll-off container.

Hazardous Waste – asbestos can be disposed of provided certain requirements are met. Please call for details.

Can I place TVs or tires in roll-off containers?

Yes. However, these and other materials will carry additional fees. Please contact our office regarding special item pricing.

Roll-off Terms and Conditions

Mark Wright Disposal (MWD) provides Roll-off and Hook-lift containers to customers for the purpose of hauling and disposing of a variety of wastes; construction & demolition debris, house/garage cleanouts, municipal solid waste (garbage), recycling, special wastes, asbestos containing wastes, and food processing wastes.

The “Who, What, and Where” of a sale:
• MWD will establish with a customer the type of waste to be hauled and disposed of, where the container is to be delivered, who is responsible to pay for the services provided (who is the customer), and additionally, the best approximation of the appropriate size container for the customer’s needs.
• The rates for waste disposal, container transportation, and container rental will be established for the customer.

Terms of Sale – unless otherwise noted:
• A deposit is required which will include the initial transportation in and out for each container and the cost of disposing up to the 1st ton of waste (for 10 & 20 cuyd containers) or the cost of disposing up to the first 2 tons of waste (for 30 cuyd container) per container.
• There will be additional charges for any waste tonnage greater than that which is covered by the deposit.
• The customer will have use of the container for as long as they would like. However, there are daily container rental fees for each day the container is on the customer’s site beyond the initial 14 day allowance.
 The container will not be removed until the customer or customer’s agent calls MWD and requests that the container be removed. The customer will be responsible to pay any container rental incurred due to not calling for removal.
• The invoice for each container will include: transportation, waste disposal, and deposit. If applicable, it will also include: rent, additional waste disposal (tonnage), and items which have additional charges. These additional charges are shown on the “Demolition Container Acceptable Materials” list.
• Each invoice will be due in full by the invoice due date. Interest will be charged at the rate of 1 ½ % per month (18% annually) on any balance over 30 days past due.
• MWD will not be responsible for any property damages incurred as a result of having a container delivered to, removed from, or setting on the property of our customer or our customer’s customer. Property damage includes, but is not limited to damaged: driveways, culverts, pavement, lawns, gardens, utility services, septic systems, trees and shrubs, or buildings.

Acceptable Materials – either co-mingled or not

1. Construction / Demo Debris
2. Household contents: books, magazines, toys, pots and pans, clothes, appliances
3. Bulky Waste: furniture, mattresses, box springs
4. Flooring: carpeting, linoleum, rugs, wood, ceramic tile, underlayment (no asbestos)
5. Tarps, rope, netting
6. Wood: treated and untreated, painted or stained, siding materials, sheetrock
7. Roofing shingles and roofing products
8. Full loads of metal only. (6 ton limit on 20 yd containers and 18 ton limit on 30 & 50 yd containers) Loads which are just metal with no contamination, may receive a credit for the “spot” market value of the metal.
9. Mixed loads with large metal components (i.e. boilers, engine blocks) All liquids must be removed.
10. Brick, cement block, dry concrete, dirt, trees, brush, poles. (Trees and poles must be cut into pieces no more than 4 feet long.)

Acceptable Materials with Additional Charges

1. Freon units: $25.00 each
2. Mercury Containing Devices (i.e. Thermostats): $4.00 each
3. Desktop computer towers, printers, copiers, fax machines, paper shredders: $5.00 each
4. Floor model copiers, printers, etc.: $25.00 each
5. Fluorescent bulbs: 25 cents per foot
6. Tires:
a. Car @ $4.00 each plus $10.00 for rims
b. Truck @ $12.00each plus $10.00 for rims
c. Tractor/Skidder @ $150.00 each. No rims are allowed.
7. Television and computer monitors:
a. 19”-24” @ $7.00 each
b. 25”-36” @ $10.00 each
c. 37”-60”@ $15.00 each

Unacceptable Materials
1. Special or Hazardous Waste (as defined by DEP)
2. Liquid waste of any kind: gasoline, diesel fuel, oil, paint, chemicals, pesticides, resins and hardeners
3. Food Waste / MSW Garbage (waste generally found in your kitchen or bathroom garbage can) will have a per bag fee of $10.00 when found to be in the customer’s container. For loose garbage, we will approximate the number of bags and charge the customer accordingly.
4. Dry Chemicals / Pool Chemicals

• Asphalt shingles weigh +/- 200 pounds per square. Sixty square limit on 20 yard containers. Ninety square limit on 30 yard containers.
• We can dispose of asbestos containing products with a dedicated service provided proper licensing and packaging requirements are met. Prior approval is required.
• If you have full or partially full cans of paint which you wish to dispose of use kitty litter or Speedy Dry to absorb the paint. Let it dry and place dried waste into our container for disposal