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The items below are available (sales tax not included in prices) for pickup and/or delivery at Mark Wright Transfer Station in Jonesboro.

*Delivery fees applicable. Material prices are subject to change without notice.

    Item Price per Cubic Yard
    Mark’s Mix – Manufactured Topsoil $24.75
    Compost – Manufactured by Casella Organics $26.00
    Peatmoss $21.00
    Bark Mulch – Dark Brown $35.50
    Bark Mulch – Black $42.25
    4″ Minus $10.00


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    When requesting delivery, please understand:

    • We cannot cross your septic system or leach field.
    • We cannot cross soft ground.
    • Delivery path must be clear of low hanging branches and utility wires.
    • We are not responsible for damage to your driveway/lawn in our effort to deliver according to your instructions.

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    Mark’s Mix – Manufactured Topsoil

    $24.75 per cubic yard

    Compost – Manufactured by Casella Organics

    $26.00 per cubic yard


    $21.00 per cubic yard

    Bark Mulch – Dark Brown

    $35.50 per cubic yard

    Bark Mulch – Black

    $42.25 per cubic yard

    4″ Minus

    $10.00 per cubic yard