Roll Off Containers

Washington and Hancock County roll off container

Mark Wright Disposal Roll Off Container

MWD offers roll-off containers, or open top containers to support our clients’ construction, remodeling and renovation projects. These containers are ideal for temporary use during household clean up or construction projects. We can also provide labor for cleanouts and demolition.

Our roll-off containers come in 4 different sizes:

  • 10 yard – 12’ x 7’ x 3.5’
  • 20 yard – 15’ x 7’ x 6’
  • 30 yard – 22’ x 7’ x 6’
  • 50 yard – 24’ x 7’ x 8.5’

How much notice do we need for delivery of a roll off container?

We ask for 24 hours notice.

How long can I keep the roll off container?

You may keep a roll-off container for as long as you please.  However, at a certain point, there will be a rental fee. Containers are only removed after the customer has contacted our office to inform us they are finished with it.

Do you provide roll off service in other Counties?

We have established rates for our Roll-Off containers for towns in Washington, Hancock, and Penobscot Counties.

Is there anything I can’t put in a roll off container?

Yes. If the intention is to co-mingle waste within the container, due to regulations, there are restrictions on certain materials. These include food waste of any kind, hazardous materials, and liquids (grease, oils, paint, etc). Please contact our office to inquire about the specific material(s) you wish to place in the roll-off container.

Can I place TV’s or tires in roll off containers?

Yes. However, these and other materials will carry additional fees. Please contact our office regarding special item pricing.