Garbage Disposal – Dumpster Service

MWD provides garbage removal services to municipalities, businesses, and residential customers throughout Downeast Maine. Dumpsters are available in sizes ranging from 2 to 10 cubic yards. Servicing of dumpsters is scheduled per our customer’s needs.

Temporary dumpsters and/or changes in regular service schedules are available to assist with garbage volume increases during special events and/or seasonal increases.

What is required to establish an account?

When you call to set up service, our dispatcher will gather information regarding your physical and billing addresses, phone numbers, and directions to your home. You will be required to pay your first and last month’s service fee at the time of delivery.

Can we get additional service?

Yes. Our disposal routes pass through most towns at least once a week. For an additional fee we can provide an extra tip or out of schedule tip for your dumpster.

Does getting additional service change my scheduled service day?

No. Your dumpster will still be tipped on your regularly scheduled service day regardless of the date of the additional tip.

Does my scheduled day of service fall on the same date every month?

No. Our routes are based on a 4-week schedule. For example, if your container is emptied once every 4 weeks on a Tuesday. Months that have 5 Tuesdays will cause your service day to shift to the following month. Refer to the Dumpster Service Schedule

Can I change my service when my demands changes?

Yes. We understand that many customers in Downeast Maine see a dramatic drop in activity during the fall and winter months. We are more than happy to reduce or even end your service during these slow times. Monthly billing, will of course, be adjusted to reflect the reduction of service.

Is there a commitment necessary for dumpster service?

Yes. We ask for a one (1) year commitment to our dumpster service. This is not a contract and you are free to cancel your service at any time. However, if service is canceled within the first year, you will be subject to a termination/transportation fee.

What is our service area?

At this time, our dumpster service is available to residents, businesses and municipalities located Hancock, Washington, and some areas of Penobscot Counties.

How much notice do we need prior to dumpster delivery?

We ask for 48 hours notice for delivery of our dumpsters.

Are the dumpsters lockable?

Yes. If requested, MWD will provide and install a lockbar for your container free of charge. After installation, you will need to provide your own padlocks. You do not need to worry about providing us a key for your new padlock. The lockbars are designed to release when the dumpster is tipped.