Trash Disposal – The Wright Way

Mark Wright Disposal of Columbia, Maine provides solid waste collection and disposal services, in addition to recycling collection services to thousands of residential, commercial, and municipal accounts from Ellsworth to Calais, Maine.

Curbside Service – Private – Commercial – Municipal

Curbside service  – Garbage collection is available to residents, businesses and municipalities located in Hancock, Washington and some areas of Penobscot Counties.

What is MSW waste?

MSW or Municipal Solid Waste is basically household garbage. This can include but isn’t limited too food, clothing, paper, and plastic.

What is Demo Debris?

Demo debris consists of waste generated during a construction or clean out project. This includes but is not limited to wood, sheetrock, shingles, furniture, metal, clothing, plastic, and paper. Consider renting one of our roll-off containers for demo debris.

 What is Recyclable

Newspaper, magazines, mail and catalogs, paper bags, office paper and envelopes, file folders, wrapping paper, phone books, hard cover books, paper plates, milk and juice containers, drink boxes, cardboard boxes, cereal boxes, gift boxes, pizza boxes, water bottles, milk jugs, detergent bottles, all containers marked with a #1-#7, plastic grocery bags marked with a #2 or #4, tin and aluminium cans, pots and pans, all glass bottles.

What is Universal Waste?

Universal Wastes are items that contain hazardous materials but pose a lower danger to people and the environment than other hazardous wastes. Examples include televisions, computer components, fluorescent light bulbs, batteries, and thermostats.