Landscape Materials

The following items are available (sales tax not included in prices) for pickup and/or delivery at Mark Wright Transfer Station in Jonesboro.

To schedule a delivery, or for more information call 483-4444 or, email us at

Item Price per Cubic Yard
Mark’s Mix – Manufactured Topsoil $24.00
Compost – Manufactured by Casella Organics $26.00
Peatmoss $21.00
Bark Mulch – Dark Brown $34.50
Bark Mulch – Black $40.25
4″ Minus $10.00

*Delivery fees applicable. Material prices are subject to change without notice.

Materials Inquiry

Email us for more information about materials delivery to your home or job site.

When requesting delivery, please understand:

  • We cannot cross your septic system or leach field.
  • We cannot cross soft ground.
  • Delivery path must be clear of low hanging branches and utility wires
  • We are not responsible for damage to your driveway/lawn in our effort to deliver according to your instructions.